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Щедрик | Shchedryk | Ukrainian Carol of the Bells

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STAR WARS: Epic Christmas Music Mix | Carol of The Bells x Imperial March x Mandalorian Theme
Source: https://youtu.be/EP6EyeyVfus
Channel: Samuel Kim Music

All copyright belongs to their respective owners.

Artwork by Jake Bartok: https://www.instagram.com/jakebartok/

Imperial March by John Williams

Madanlorian Theme by Ludwig Göransson

Carol of the Bells by Mykola Leontovych

Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

Pentatonix – Carol of the bells guitar cover (Darth Fender)

Pentatonix – Carol of the bells guitar cover (Darth Fender)
Source: https://youtu.be/g_JqnPCaHPo
Channel: Darth Fender

Merry Christmas by Darth Fender I chose this beautiful piece of music, in the version by Pentatonix.

I used their videos to catch all the vocal parts, and arranged them for guitar.

All the sounds you’re hearing were obtained with guitars (and a bass), no other instruments were added in post production.

The only parts you’re not seeing in the video are some guitar fills that happen in a couple of points during the songs (too little to have a sense in the video) and the “charleston” sound that was recorded separately using the acoustic guitar

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